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Another Reason to Lose Weight
If you are overweight, like most Americans, losing weight is the best way to improve your heart's health.

Boost Your Metabolism with a Morning Smoothie
Here's a great reason to try Smoothie King's High Protein(TM) smoothie for breakfast tomorrow morning.

Hydration:  Water vs. Soft Drinks
It really does make a big difference what you drink.

Put More Energy In Your Day

Shaping Up
Tips for dieting and better health

The Truth About Ab Machines
How well does the latest ab gizmo you see on TV info-mercials really work?

The Truth About Soy Protein
Every day, people go to gyms across America to improve their physical condition and learn more about fitness.  This environment also gives rise to a lot of misinformation and urban legend.  The attached article, written by Dr. Douglas Kalman for Labrada Nutrition, explodes the myth and sets the record straight about soy protein.

Vitamin Basics Part I

Vitamin Basics Part II

What Creatine Can Do for You

Weight Watchers' Points for Smoothie King
This listing includes points for 20 ounce smoothies.  Remember that many smoothies allow you to "Make It Skinny" and knock off 2 points per serving of turbinado.

Wheatgrass Juice Benefits
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